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In 1965, a decision was taken to establish Gandhinagar as the capital city of Gujarat state. The idea was to create a functional capital comprising of mainly government servants of the state since the largest employer was the Government of Gujarat. Gandhinagar, named after the father of the nation is the second planned city in India after Chandigarh. Being a well planned city, the need for an institution of higher education was greater where the children of government servants residing in Gandhinagar could seek education.

To participate in the E-tendering process of the GACG, the Vendor has to register with Government Arts College Gujarat through a Digital Signature Certificate, For enrolment details, Please Download Digital Certificate Form or Apply for Digital Signature Certificate.

   Class - 2 / 3 Ind. Form
   Class - 2 / 3 Org. Form
   Class - 2 / 3 Foreign Ind. Form
   Class - 2 / 3 Foreign Org. Form

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